What does the Mavenizer plugin ?

It provides a special maven livecycle and some specific goals that helps analysing, installing and deploying JAR files into a Maven repository associated with the appropriate POM definitions. The analysis of the dependencies directly from the binaries helps in creating useful POM definition containing a correct list of dependencies required by these non-maven libraries without requiring access to their sources, and very quickly compared to a complete conversion of the underlying project to Maven.


Where can I get this plugin ?

Currently, the maven-mavenizer-plugin is NOT hosted on the maven central repository. However, we have setup a public repository to host it, you just have to add the following in your POM configuration:



Is this project related to the Google-Data-APIs-Mavenized written by David Carter ?

This project has been written after carefull study of the idea of David Carter to mavenize the Google data API and published in Google-Data-APIs-Mavenized project on github.

By writing this plugin, we have tried to simplify the process proposed by David Carter while keeping at the same time as much as possible all the features that he have proposed without writting any plugin at all. Our strong felling was that his proposal is very flexible, but is also extremely verbose which require a lot of attention and efforts to be adapted for other libraries.


Is this project related to the Mavenizer project written by Cédric Vidal ?

This project has been entirely written without even knowing that the Mavenizer projet written by Cédric Vidal and hosted on SourceForge exists.

Since both projects persue the same goal, they have obviously follow a very similar approach at solving similar issues. There are also major differences between these projects, and compared to the mavenizer project, the maven-mavenizer-plugin has, by its plugin nature, a better integration with maven, in particular for the following aspects:

  • Launching and configuration is done using Maven
  • No need to download anything (just ensure proper plugin and plugin repository reference in mavenizer POMs)
  • Download and extract project archive to mavenize (if configured in the mavenizer POM)
  • Support maven dependencies for resolving dependencies during binaries analysis
  • Install and deploy resulting packages using standard maven procedure

Without false modesty, we sincerely see this plugin has the natural evolution of the command-line solution provided earlier by Cédric Vidal. If you are a user of the mavenizer command-line tools and you are also interessted in our plugin, but you have found any useful feature of the former that we currently not support, feel free to request for an enhancement on our issue tracking site. We will consider your request with attention.